HackTheBox Legacy

HackTheBox Legacy



Legacy is a beginner level windows machine from hackthebox , this windows machine can be compromised by using only single level smb exploit which will directly jump into administrator user and can further get user flag

Inital Enumeration

Using nmap we can do a full port service scanning and identify that the following ports as open

nmap -sCV -p- -oN nmap.txt -vv

Legacy Nmap Scan

  • *35/tcp msrpc syn-ack Microsoft WindowsRPC
  • 139/tcp netbios-ssn syn-ack Microsoft Windows netbios-ssn
  • 445/tcp microsoft-ds syn-ack Windows XP microsoft-ds

From the intial enumeration identified that the machine is windows xp , which already vulnerable to plenty of remote code executions


Using the following metasploit module against the machine. we were able to get foothold on the machine as administrator user and from the Administrator directory and from user john directoryh , flags were obtained


Legacy Compromise